Who Got Rescued?

Por: The New York Times World December 03, 2020


ImageThe lucky fewMore than 5.2 million companies received loans from the Paycheck Protection Program, the $523 billion centerpiece of the government’s pandemic aid for businesses. But the first full accounting of the data from the Small Business Administration shows what most suspected: More than a quarter of the money went to just 1 percent of borrowers, .A tiny fraction of high-value loans made up a substantial portion of total P.P.P. money... + full article

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thumbnailThe text message was stilted and to the point: “I need assistance. I am sinking. This is not a joke. MAYDAY.”Kevin Escoffier was 22 days into the Vendée Globe, the nonstop, round-the-world sailing race done every four years, when a roaring 15-foot wave overwhelmed his boat,... + más

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