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Sugerencias de la Hemeroteca

Diego Maradona, Argentinian soccer legend, dies at 60

NBC News USA World 28/Nov/2020

thumbnailArgentinian , one of the sport's greatest players who scored the iconic and controversial Hand of God goal in the 1986 World Cup, , officials said.He was 60.Maradona suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in Buenos Aires, his longtime lawyer and agent Matias Morla told... + más

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The Maradona myth: Soccer legend defined by genius — and flaws | NBC News

Is COVID testing free? Where can I get a rapid test? Your complete guide to coronavirus testing

MarketWatch USA Politics 29/Nov/2020

thumbnailIt should be noted that a negative test only proves you weren’t infected with the virus on the day you were tested, however, and someone with a negative result can still contract and spread the virus while traveling for Thanksgiving, or while spending time with family and... + más

Long lines for Covid testing not going away anytime soon, Summit CityMD CEO says: We are being inundated | CNBC

Thanksgiving could be the 'mother of all superspreader events,' health expert warns | CNN

Opinion: The 34 million Americans who should be among the first to access a Covid-19 vaccine

CNN USA Opinion 24/Nov/2020

thumbnailTracey D. Brown, who lives with Type 2 diabetes, is chief executive officer of the (ADA), the nation's largest voluntary health organization and a global authority on diabetes. Dr. Robert Gabbay is chief scientific and medical officer of the ADA. The views expressed in this... + más

AstraZeneca Covid vaccine: Experts have questions about the Phase 3 trial data | CNN

Coronavirus vaccine polling numbers are mostly good news | CNN

Long lines for Covid testing not going away anytime soon, Summit CityMD CEO says: We are being inundated

CNBC USA Business 29/Nov/2020

thumbnailVIDEO3:4103:41Long lines for testing will continue until theres a vaccine: CityMD CEOThe lines that in recent weeks have stretched for hours at urgent care locations around New York City are not going away anytime soon, Summit CityMD CEO Dr. Jeffrey Le Benger told CNBC on... + más

Trump rails against Paris climate accord in virtual G20 event | CNN

Rich New Yorkers are hiring line-waiters to sit in COVID-19 testing queues | Fox Business

WHO recommends against using remdesivir to treat Covid-19

CNN USA Health 23/Nov/2020

thumbnail(CNN)The World Health Organization has updated its ongoing guidance on Covid-19 medications to advise against using the antiviral drug remdesivir to treat hospitalized patients, no matter how severe their illness may be.According to the update, published in the medical journal... + más

Dow drops 219 points as stocks end week little changed | Fox Business

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: I won't be visiting with family this Thanksgiving. You shouldn't either. | CNN

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